The most precious thing we have in life are moments and time spent with our family. You cannot use TiVo to rewind and play those memories back. How many moments have you missed without capturing that time in your family’s life? Don’t let another chapter pass by without documenting your life!

Please email or call to request digital, canvas and print pricing packages. Click on the image to read suggestions for your session. Also, click here for examples on pinterest for individual and family clothing style options.

Sessions take place "on location," as opposed to in a studio. Here in South Florida where the weather is beautiful year-round, the perfect location is limited only by our imagination. Sure, a session can be held at your home. However, it can also be held at the beach, a park, in the city, or even on a country field. The focus and style of the session involves "capturing life in motion." In other words, we help style, set up the scene and the rest just happens naturally! Emphasis is placed on elements such as a simple kiss, a loving hug and the celebration of your individuality.

DeFalco Design has now partnered with a local Delray studio for those wanting to beat the heat and stay in the comfort of air conditioning. Newborn shoots are specifically great for studio sessions so we have control over lighting and you can relax while I take over. Please inquire for more details!

DeFalco Design is now offering editing services for photographers that might need help with their sessions. Are you overworked and just can't seem to catch up? Please contact DeFalco Design today for more information!